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5 Best Practice Tips for eMarketing Lead Generation

Last year B2B email campaigns were reported to receive a 47% higher clickthrough rate than B2C campaigns, bringing in a staggering ROI of 4300%. Despite talk of the death of email due to the rise in other forms of communication (such as IM, social media etc), it would seem there is still good reason for marketers to continue focusing on email campaigns for the foreseeable future.   However, although email may seem like it should form an integral part of your lead generation strategy, there are still a number of key factors to consider before creating your campaign. For example, 78% of consumers have unsubscribed from emails because of being sent too many emails. Frequency of sends is just one part of the equation, here are a few guidelines to help you get the most out of your efforts and create new B2B opportunities.   Make Your Copy Jump Out

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Profiling: What the ICO Has To Say

The use of profiling can help businesses understand more about their target audiences, make better informed decisions about who to reach out to, and process data with better intelligence. Such information can give us insights into how a person behaves and what their personality is like, as well as what their interests and habits are – through consumer, social, or user profiling. With the evolution of profiling technology to help us achieve our marketing goals, it’s no wonder more and more businesses are using this technique to help widen their competitive gap.   However, if your profiling activity results in unfair discrimination, you may need to re-think your strategy now in preparation for GDPR. Lets’ take a look at the benefits and risks according to the ICO:   Benefits: More effective market segmentation Enables risk and fraud analysis Aligns offers and prices with individual consumer demand Contributes to improvements in

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How To Target The Right Audience

Getting content that’s relevant and engaging to the right people continues to be a big challenge in the world of B2B marketing. Which is why regular checks to test the quality and accuracy of your persona and contact data is crucial, in order to achieve success across your sales and marketing objectives. joined forces with LinkedIn and, to analyse over than 15 million data points over four years starting in autumn 2014. Their goal was to produce detailed audience insights that would help marketers understand how to deliver campaigns and get results with increased accuracy. In an interview Mathew Sweezey, Principal of Marketing Insights at, Brian Carroll of B2B Lead Blog discovers what he thinks are the key points to learn from.   Gathering information vs email addresses As Sweezey points out, the only thing Salesforce can tell us about a contact is whether their email address bounces. However,

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Customer Experience Magic: Principle 1 – Always Innovating, Always Problem Solving

Whilst you’ve probably heard many companies talk about CXM (Customer Experience Management), at IZEN we believe that no customer wants to be “managed”. Instead, we think it’s all about Customer Experience Magic. This is what CXM means for IZEN; going above and beyond our call of duty to produce results that make our customers feel extra special, and have them quite literally, jumping for joy. When you partner with us, our CXM is underpinned by four fundamental principles to help make your life as a B2B marketer easier and more enjoyable. The first of these principles is what we’ll be focussing on today, our ability to constantly innovate whilst solving your problems.     Our Mission Our aim is to listen to you at all times and offer solutions based on your unique business challenges, goals, and subsequent needs. As an external agency we take an outside-in, objective view of

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Your Target Audience – Learn What You Don’t Already Know

Getting to know your target audience goes so much further than simply defining their demographic. Digging deep can extend the value chain by uncovering where else the opportunities are, and for existing accounts, what new potential areas there are to sell into. “Businesses in all industries need to take a fresh look at their assets, including customer relationships and market data, and consider whether there are new ways to make money from them” –  McKinsey & Company. But with marketing software spending projected to reach $32B+ by 2018, is technology the be-all and end-all when it comes to discovering all you need to know about your audience? The Impact of Account Profiling Deep-dive profiling enables you to connect the dots between areas that you might not have thought about selling into; using insight to leverage open discussion with wider parts of the organisation. More and more businesses are realising the

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