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Data Management Part 2

Purchasing data may seem like a quick and easy way to gain access to contacts who have opted in to receiving marketing. The reality is, if a shortcut seems too good to be true – most likely it is. By relying on purchased data you’re at risk of damaging your brand, losing customers and prospects, and wasting a whole lot of time and money in the process.


Yet time and time again, we see marketers make the fundamental mistake of considering data a purely tactical element in their campaign activity. They use it merely as a support mechanism, losing sight of what marketing is – and should be – about. Acquiring lists that have been passed around a myriad of times, offer no competitive advantage, and lack any insight into segmentation beyond the rudimentary demographics still (shockingly) seems to be the the go-to option for many businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the consequences you face when not gaining permission to market:


Spammer Status

How many times have you received marketing communications that are completely irrelevant to your interests or needs? Personally, I’m subjected to calls and emails every single day and I know I’m not alone when I say it drives me up the wall. It’s this same level of annoyance that you need to be thinking about when it comes to considering your prospects and customers. I immediately add any business that contacts me without my consent to my spam list – and I can guarantee your contacts will do the same to you. And don’t forget, should too many of your emails get marked as spam, you might have the wrath of your email service provider to deal with; your account could be closed, they may take legal action, and you could face hefty fines.


Your Reputation At Risk

Why put people through the hassle of unsubscribing to something that was of no interest to them whatsoever? What you’ll achieve will be nothing short of brand damage. Not to mention reputational damage to the genius marketer whose lightbulb moment it was to purchase “opted-in” data in the first place. Living in a digital age means there are countless online and public channels from which to voice concern too, so if you want to avoid getting negative tweets, being bombarded with bad reviews, and sinking your brand reputation, we suggest ensuring you are marketing to the right people by gaining their permission directly.


Old fashioned alarm clock


Bad Response Rates

The average UK open rate across all industries over the last 12 months is 25%. However, if you have purchased a list, you can expect rates that are well below industry average. This also applies to lists that are acquired subscribers who have not been thoroughly qualified or cleansed. If you force your marketing content on anyone who might not be interested, even if you think they may be the perfect fit for your products or services, you risk preemptively losing their trust along with their potential business. Think about it, if the people who see your email have given permission for you to market to them, chances are they’ll be more engaged with your offer; thus resulting in better open rates and click-throughs. The only conversions that relying on purchased data are going to drive are numbers of unsubscribes and angry recipients. As a marketer it pays to put data at the very heart of everything you do, don’t get caught out by the temptation of cutting corners.


To make sure you’re following the correct procedure when it comes to gaining permission to market, get in touch with us today. Whether it’s building data from scratch or utilising what you already have, we have the expertise to ensure you end up with a database full of qualified contacts relevant to your business, ready and willing to be contacted.


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