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Customer Experience Magic: Principle 1 – Always Innovating, Always Problem Solving

Whilst you’ve probably heard many companies talk about CXM (Customer Experience Management), at IZEN we believe that no customer wants to be “managed”. Instead, we think it’s all about Customer Experience Magic. This is what CXM means for IZEN; going above and beyond our call of duty to produce results that make our customers feel extra special, and have them quite literally, jumping for joy.

When you partner with us, our CXM is underpinned by four fundamental principles to help make your life as a B2B marketer easier and more enjoyable. The first of these principles is what we’ll be focussing on today, our ability to constantly innovate whilst solving your problems.


Happy business meeting


Our Mission

Our aim is to listen to you at all times and offer solutions based on your unique business challenges, goals, and subsequent needs. As an external agency we take an outside-in, objective view of your business. We know that when you’re on the inside, it’s sometimes easy to get so caught up in what’s going on internally it becomes hard to take a step back, to get a view of that wider perspective of what you’re trying to achieve.


IZEN Helps Redwood Take a New Approach to Multi-Channel Sales

Take one of our customers as an example; Redwood Software, who provide Robotic Process Automation. Their traditional approach was to sell their technology solutions into IT departments through an SAP OEM channel – with no knowledge on how their customers perceived their solution. When it came to launching a new finance solution via direct sales into business users, they soon found they lacked the expertise needed to manage this.

By taking the time to consult with them and really understand their requirements as well as their blockers, we were able to suggest taking a multi-channel approach which they then piloted across multiple regions. We advised Redwood to collate feedback on what worked and what didn’t, who the buyers were, and challenges they encountered – in order to broaden adoption.


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Redwood Success – Multi-Million Dollar Contracts Signed Within Two Years

The result was that within two years, they were able to sign their first multi-million dollar contracts with Global 500 companies. Not only this, but their competitors are now having to play catch-up to the disruption caused by the way finance manages processes, whether internally or in the shared service centre. And we can happily say this is largely due to the way we partnered with Redwood to create a new way of doing things.

Watch this space for the next three IZEN Customer Experience Magic principles coming soon. Contact us today for tailored guidance on how to define the best sales strategy for your business.


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